Social Media Compliance for Banks

Prevent non-compliant social media posts with keyword/phrase filtering, archive web and social media activity and manage approval processes with Gremlin Social Guardian, endorsed by the American Bankers Association for social media management and compliance.


Control your content

Keyword / Phrase Filtering

Avoid violating regulations by preventing certain content from being used in corporate posts with keyword/phrase filtering. Already have a list of words and phrases that you’re monitoring for email? With a click of a button, Gremlin social media compliance software uploads files containing any number of words you’d like to filter and monitor.

Manage Team Access & Approval Processes

Organizational & approval workflow

Organize your teams to match your corporate structure and set up compliance filtering to match the job function of each team. Your posts do not get sent until your approval process is fully executed.

Stay Audit Ready

Archive & Capture

Capture and archive messages and activity from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. All data is searchable and exportable for reporting or audit purposes.
Moderation Email

“We recognize that social media can be a useful tool for financial institutions. It can allow them to reach a wider universe of consumers. It can let them spread their brand identity more widely. It can let them deepen their relationships with existing customers and so forth. There are definitely good reasons for financial institutions to use social media.”

- Elizabeth Khalil

A senior policy analyst within the FDIC’s Supervisory Policy Branch of Depositor and Consumer Protection