Social Selling for the Mortgage Industry

Check out best practices for enabling loan officers to take advantage of modern social selling techniques without exposing your brand to undue compliance risk.

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The Modern Home Buyer's Journey in the Social Media Age

As consumers increasingly turn to digital channels to drive their home buying journey, compelling content distributed via social media has become an integral tool for any loan officer looking to accelerate their sales pipeline and close more deals. Learn how lenders can boost their social media presence to close more loans.


Transform Your Loan Officers Into Social Sellers With Gremlin Social

78% of sales people who use social media out-perform their peers. Gremlin Social makes it easy for loan officers to create, schedule, and publish compelling social media content that separate your reps from the pack. Need help with creating content? We’ve got you covered.

"Before partnering with Gremlin Social, we spent an excessive amount of time managing our social media platforms and no way of scheduling posts ahead of time. Now, Gremlin Social allows us the ability to post on multiple accounts at once, saving precious time. In addition, we are able to schedule our social media posts as far out as we want with the insurance that they will post on time.”

-Andrew Kramer

Marketing Coordinator of Paramount Bank


Create a team workflow. Speed up the approval process.

Posting on behalf of large teams has never been easier. Centrally manage the social media publishing for your entire team, ensuring alignment to your brand’s voice and value proposition while avoiding compliance risk.

Organize teams based on geographic region or customer segment, ensuring that the most relevant and interesting content reaches their followers. Have peace of mind knowing you can moderate the content of any post before publication.




Safeguard Your Social Presence

Want to let sales reps post on their own? Not a problem. Set up approval processes and custom permission levels to moderate content written by sales reps before it is published. Have peace of mind knowing that all posts are archived and can be audited at any time.


Store and Organize Your Approved Content

House pre-approved posts in Content Libraries, ensuring that only compliant messages make it to publication. Schedule posts to be published when your audience is most likely to engage, not just during business hours.

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